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Deposit - Book your DJ Service

Deposit - Book your DJ Service

Good Faith Non-Refundable Deposit, is not an additional fee, will go towards your balance.


What happens after you submit the deposit?


  1. Look for Contract link in your email. (after deposit clears)
  2. Review & Sign contract online.
  3. Online Questionnaire link will be sent to you. (with in a couple days)
    1. You can go back and edit, add or complete questionnaire at any time.
    2. Please make sure you hit submit or info. will not be saved.


Everything is done online no paperwork to mess with.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Thank you again.


I looks forward to working with you.


Stephanie Faris


*Deposit is non-refundable?

I will be declining any other job requests which could mean a loss of income for Sounds of DJ Steph.

If you cancel, SDS will have a small compensation.



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