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"DJing from the Road Package"
  • "DJing from the Road Package"

    "DJing from the Road Package" is that exactly. 


    What to Expect?

    • DJing from Vintage Motorhome or Mini Cooper
    • Lots of MCing to Motivate Your Guests
    • Personalized Playlist
    • Nighttime Party One DJ Light is included


    This is a great Package for the below Parties:

    • Continuation of the Party after a Drive-by-Party.
    • Social Distancing DJ for a small Front Yard Gathering.


    What are the Benefits?

    • Less Work for DJ
    • Less Money for You
    • Safe Measure for Social Distancing


    Would you like to add some extra Fun to this Package?

    • Check out the Add-Ons Page
    • Prizes would be nice


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